Out of school Hoppers – (5 – 12yrs)

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Our after school clubs and holiday clubs are held in their own space away from the nursery so the children can still feel ‘grown up’ while coming into a nursery setting.

After school clubs

Our out of school environment is designed to provide children with the ability and skills to learn through play, to build their confidence and support their school life experiences. We take children from 4 – 12 years.

We collect children from several different schools and transport them back to the club. Children have the opportunity to relax, do their homework or join in with the activities specifically planned for their age and preference. There are many board games, jigsaws and constructions activities for the children to play with. The children are encouraged to share and tidy away when they have finished playing with equipment.

Holiday clubs

Our number one priority is that your child enjoys their holiday in a safe and relaxing environment. We provide a range of great entertainment and activities including trips to the cinema, parks, museums, roller blading and bowling to name but a few. The children have access to a range of activities which they can help themselves to, such as colouring, arts and crafts, small world toys, dressing up and board games etc.

We also provide structured activities to help stretch your child’s imagination and try new things. Whilst we encourage the children to take part in the planned structured activities, the children can, if they wish choose other activities. We will personalise each activity to make sure it is age appropriate for those attending, so that each child has a fun and exciting time.

We operate through the Easter, Summer, Christmas Holidays and Half Terms.