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We believe it is important to be taught how to make healthy eating choices from a young age. We place great importance on all of our meals comprising of predominantly fresh and healthy produce. We work with local producers in order to help support our community and cut down as much as possible on carbon footprints.

We encourage children to eat together around large tables as a family. We aim to make meal times a social and educational experience for the children. This promotes good eating habits and table manners. Children that are two years and above are encouraged to serve their own food which promotes conversation about what they are eating and gives them choices. Staff join the children at the table, helping to feed the babies and talking to the older children about what’s on the menu that day.

We feel we truly excel as a nursery as we have our very own dining room where the children can come together as a family. A mixture of all ages sitting together to teach each other and the older children setting good examples for the younger children.

For breakfast we serve a selection of cereal, yogurts, toast or fruit depending on the season. Our mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks are healthy and appetising and designed to fill the gap between main meals. These include fruit, bread sticks, crackers etc. Our older children help to prepare their own snack and serve themselves.

Lunch and dinner are both substantive meals offering a varied and balanced diet, tailored to each child’s stage of weaning.