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The baby room is a self-contained, Purpose built unit. This environment for our youngest children is like a second home, providing a place for rest, eating, sleeping, activities and exploration. It has a very flexible routine which enables us to suit each child’s individual needs. The emphasis in this room is love, care and building strong bonds. It is a large spacious room filled with educational toys to keep your child happy and content.

During their first years of life, young babies’ physical development is rapid as they gain increasing control of their muscles. They quickly become mobile and develop skills in moving their hands, feet, limbs and head and are able to handle and manipulate objects. Learning begins from the moment of birth and even before their first words, they learn a lot about language by hearing people talking and are especially interested when it involves themselves and their daily lives. As babies become increasingly mobile new opportunities for exploration and exercise arise once walking.

A safe and stimulating environment with age-appropriate resources is vital for children to develop curiosity, coordination and physical abilities. At this early age children can start to learn the beginnings of self-control and how to relate to other people. Children are encouraged to develop their social and cognitive skills by people to whom they have a positive attachment. Exploration and simple self-help will build self-confidence. Children are also learning about boundaries and how to handle frustration. The children have the choice of a wide range of activities such as painting, play dough and water. Playing with toys that come apart and fit together encourages problem solving and simple planning. Imaginative play helps children to learn about a range of possibilities. Adults are an important source of security, comfort and encouragement.

Using their developing communication skills, children are more able to express their needs and feelings and begin to develop a sense of self. Alongside non-verbal communication children learn a few simple words for everyday things and people. With encouragement and plenty of interaction with adults, children’s communication skills grow, and their vocabulary expands very rapidly during this stage.

Our baby room also has a sleep area equipped with cots, bedding and sleep monitoring procedures and a cosy loving environment. Your little bunny is very special to us and we want to reassure you that we will take the best possible care of them.